METALSISTEM's range of perforated plastic shelf panels

METALSISTEM is glad to announce interesting news regarding its range of perforated plastic shelf panels: thanks to the optimization of their geometry and the materials used for their manufacture, we have succeeded in obtaining important features, such as:

- a higher load bearing capacity: the load capacity per shelf is now 67 daN for u.d.l., more than double than before!
- the load capacity is even higher than a H-12-steel shelf panel!
- the cost of the ECO-version of the plastic panel is 9% lower compared to the steel shelf panels!
- plastic panels feature a completely planar surface!
- the perforation of the surface of the panels is > 50%, which is an important PLUS within projects where this feature is requested!

The above mentioned new features are now available for the plastic panels in 500 mm depth, coming soon also for the 300/320 and 400 mm version. The new panel type substitutes the previous ones, for all colour options. Code numbers and prices remain the same.

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